Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walle drifting with the e-Kart

Time to step from behind the camera and have some fun ;). Carmen was nice enough to film me testing the kart's drifting capabilities :

We noticed drifting to left is easier than to the right. This might be due to the worn tires. The other possibly is that the weight of the batteries needs some redistributing. This is something to look at together with pimp'ing it with leds during HAR 2009 ;)

Tim has worked out a simple analogue circuit for breaking and head lights.

Second video with even more drifting action from Anthony and me coming soon. Need to capture it from an analogue camera first ;).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Protective hood

After bumping our elbows on the motor a few times, we were very happy to see Dirk bring the protective hood he made for it. A nicely constructed glas-fiber-epoxy-resin-compound-material that fit perfectly...

Here is Anthony fixing it on:

The cart with the hood attached:

And the builder of the hood testdriving this excellent addition. Thx Dirk!

Oh and here is Anthony again enjoying the fact that now increased the safety of the cart... while driving with no hands... hmmm...

The observant viewer maybe saw that the batteries now have a cardboard cover... Not quite as high tech as our epoxy motor cover, but it keeps us from short-circuiting a55V17A system which does produce quite some fireworks... (trust us)

To close this post maybee just one more of Anthony actually trying to lose grip and skid, drift and the likes...

Photosynth of the kart

Here is an attempted PhotoSynth of the kart... (you will need to install the silverlight plugin) You can click for different angles and detail of the cart.

As we are getting more and more comfortable with the safety of the kart, we're taking our kids along in the testdrives now...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A few videos of test driving our electric kart!

Finally, here's a video, one of the first test drives of our electric kart, me and Staf doing a little driving for you:

Here's video giving an overview of the kart, where you can see many details of the kart's parts.

Additional construction pictures

Some pictures of the final building session have turned up.

Here I am starting the final build day with some adjustments for the engine-sprocket connector, to allow the chain a bit of space.

Tim (Lucason) joins in on the fun and starts hacking.

Finishing the final details for the first test ride, getting the tires pumped up and the last wires fixed to the frame.

Here I am, during the first test drive. Currently, we can use the foot throttle to speed up, instead of holding the original scooter's throttle, as in this picture:

Here's Lucason with a very suspicious "is this safe?" look on his face, during his first test.

As you can see, more people turn up as we're making progress. I'm pretty sure most of our neighbors know of my project by now ...