Saturday, August 1, 2009

Additional construction pictures

Some pictures of the final building session have turned up.

Here I am starting the final build day with some adjustments for the engine-sprocket connector, to allow the chain a bit of space.

Tim (Lucason) joins in on the fun and starts hacking.

Finishing the final details for the first test ride, getting the tires pumped up and the last wires fixed to the frame.

Here I am, during the first test drive. Currently, we can use the foot throttle to speed up, instead of holding the original scooter's throttle, as in this picture:

Here's Lucason with a very suspicious "is this safe?" look on his face, during his first test.

As you can see, more people turn up as we're making progress. I'm pretty sure most of our neighbors know of my project by now ...

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