Monday, November 14, 2011

Francorchamps 2011

The kart has been out for about a year because of a leak in the brake lines. In order to take the kart to Francorchamps once more, we fixed some things. The leak in the brake lines has been fixed, the brakes have been repaired and a complete new set of tires is on the kart.

So we headed to Francorchamps for the 24 hours endurance race for 2CVs (we had some friends racing there, and they won!) and had some fun there playing with the kart in the paddock of the Francorchamps circuit.

Other than that, I am now able to replace the kart tires myself. To break the beats of the tires I built a small lever in my garage ...

... so I can remove tires from wheel hubs ...

... and I built this tire changing station (which is mostly a strong base to which I can fix a wheel hub so I have more hands to fit a tire) ...

... so that I can now put new tires on the electric kart!

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