Saturday, February 21, 2009

Le kart est arrivé près de chez nous

Yesterday, we went to pick up our kart base. We have studied it thoroughly, had plenty of construction ideas and took it for a first test drive, pushing it down the street. During the ride, we broke the seat contraption, so we removed it to make space for a new seat, and removed other stuff (like the gas cable) that we won't need for our conversion to an all-electric kart.

Below are more pictures of the kart (without the side bumpers, and missing its broken seat) in front of my garage. Louis is demoing the steering wheel.

The kart looks like a great base for our own build. The steering and braking looks in a sufficient condition so we don't have to replace it immediately. There's plenty of space on the frame to start our upgrade, putting in new mounts for the batteries and the motor.

Two 12V car batteries will be mounted on either side of the seat, we'll install an electric motor and its drive train to the right and back of the seat, mount a potentiometer to the gas pedal, and do some wiring to get it all up and running. An extra battery will probably be added later on to provide some extra juice for a car radio, bling bling, and a boom box :) We've also had plenty ideas on the finish, and we're planning to repaint it in a shiny black, with plenty of electronics and colorful LEDs to make it look pimp shit. But the highest priorities are obviously in getting it up and running.

As the first steps, we'll have to put in a new seat, check the braking system as it doesn't seem to be perfectly aligned, and get the back axle rolling smoothly, so we'll have to disassemble its bearings, and put it all back together.

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