Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting closer to a rolling kart

Walle came over today, so we bled the brake fluid. Stafke helped as well. As a result, we no longer have air bubbles stuck in the hydraulics lines. With some further tweaking of the brake pads, they now retract after braking, instead of getting stuck, which they did before. Being newbies and all, we learned completely new stuff with this little job. In the following, Staf (he's 4) demonstrates how the bleeding is done.

The tires got flat over the last few days, which is kind of worrying. I got a compressor and I've inflated the tires to 2 bar.

After some more stripping down decorative and unnecessary parts we're getting closer to a bare bones kart. All we need now is a seat and the kids can pushed around on a smooth rolling kart. The following picture shows the kart in our garage, its usual position is to sit on those two little Ikea tables so we can access all parts easily.

We'll be checking out a kart shop on Tuesday to try and get a seat and brackets to install it. Maybe we can get our hands on an engine mount as well.

Walle will be getting his head wrapped around setting up the circuitry for the engine. The fact that we'll be pumping 4800 Watt through the circuit (100 Ampère at 48 Volt is the normal mode, we could get the motor up to 300A for its peak if we want) is somehow frightening to me.

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