Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a DINO kart

I've been wondering about the brand and model of kart that we got, but couldn't find any obvious helpful markings on the frame. The steering wheel pretty clearly shows the "DINO" brand, but since most things on the kart have gone through more than one life, the steering wheel could've been a hack by a previous owner.

Today, I discovered another "DINO" marking on the brake system, part of which is welded onto the frame. It's unlikely that this has been an add-on by a previous owner, so my bet is that we have bought a kart with a DINO kart racing frame. The model is no longer produced (no surprise there, I'm guessing the frame is somewhere between 10 and 20 years old) so we're still in the dark about the specific model. Any help identifying the model type of our frame would be helpful.

Update: The guy from the local kart parts shop confirmed it as being a DINO kart, probably older than 20 years. He referred to the kart as being "retro", which is kinda cool. We'll be going new skool and old skool at the same time.

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