Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A seat and engine mount

We visited the shop of outdoor karting club Antwerp karting, to take a look at some karts, check out some of the gear they're selling and, foremost, to secure a seat and a mount for our engine. We paid just over 100€ for these parts, the Tillett seat and engine mount being second hands (our butts just barely fit in the seat, there won't be much fun for those with bigger asses, unless we can get a bigger seat later on), and some new kits to mount the seat and engine to the frame.

With the seat installed, as in the following picture, we now have a fully rolling kart, which is an awesome milestone. Additionally, you can see the new engine mount that we bought, at the left of the seat. This is a standard mount for karts and can slide over the frame to adjust the strength of the chain that will connect the engine to the rear axle sprocket, later on.

Up until now, all these jobs are quite standard, independent of whether it would become a gas or electric powered kart. Now it's time to take the big jump into the electric world and get going on installing our own idea of what a kart (or any other road vehicle!) power house should consist of; batteries and an electric motor. Since we don't have these components yet, we'll have a short pause in building the kart. Walle will be going to Egypt for a couple of weeks, and I'll use the time to practice my welding skills to get the frame for the batteries and the frame to bolt the engine onto our new mount. And in the mean time, we'll study the next parts to buy, and figure out a budget that doesn't hurt too much.

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