Friday, July 24, 2009

E-Scooter dissassembly

Here some pictures of the electric scooter dissassembly.
This is the scooter stripped of batteries and engine.

After removing the seat and batteries the controller is now in sight.
This does PWM for the 5 fase 500Watt motor:

Here we have the final part needed for our setup, the
acceleration control and cabling for lights revealed after removing front panels:

Planning on where the motor should go, also we measured the diameter of the
cart wheels and the original scooter wheel. The scooter wheel was 40cm, the karts wheel is
25cm. This turns out to be a good ratio 5/8ts. Or with a 1/1 gear ratio the kart will go 5/8'ts of the scooter maximum speed (roughly 40 km/h so the e-kart will go roughly 25 km/h) but with some extra pulling power (faster accelleration). :

Motor mounted on kart and original scooter batteries for testing in background,
we plan to upgrade these batteries with ones that have a better capacity.

Second gear and chain will be mounted tomorrow together with the batteries.
So stay tuned! Time to get some sleep now ;)

That's all folks!


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  2. In hindsight it might have been better to just keep the scooter which I fixed and got running after upgrading the batteries. About 9 years later the same electric scooters are now street legal in Antwerp ;)