Friday, July 24, 2009

Electric Kart possible future version

This is for version 2 probably (not enough time to get it done for WTH).
But we can use these type of batteries in series (about 32 in series for 48v) they seem to be cheaper and higher AH than lead acid's. But do require a bit of soldering... Also their using a 70000watt motor compared to our humble 500Watts ;)

Please note: This is not our kart!


  1. Whoa yeah baby.

    But the next step should be a real car, instead of a powerful kart :)

  2. Unfortunately the a123 cells are nowhere to be found on ebay :(. The type used in video is probably anr26650. The only way I see how to get them is by buying expensive DeWalt battery packs and tearing them apart :(.

  3. The 70000 watt motor however seems powerful enough for the 'real car' scenario.

  4. Hmm ok these type of batteries are used in motorcycles, golf kart's etc.

    Seem good price and 19ah is higher than our current batteries, also the dimensions seem same as ours.

  5. This kart is severely overpowered... I like our 500 watt model... The concept of this cart will work well on the 2CV though...

  6. So, theoretically , your cart will accelerate 170 times slower than this cart...