Friday, July 31, 2009

Eureka! It works!

Yesterday, we've had a very successful day getting all the parts together in order to build a first fully running prototype of our electric kart (with the help from Tim and many spectators). We got the whole kart to work quite easily and got a whole bunch of initial test rides out of the kart.

We've had a blast, the kart is lots of fun! As far as building an electric kart goes, I think we have completed this mission quite successfully!

Here's a few pictures of the completed kart contraption:

I don't have any videos of the kart in action here yet, but there were some people that had their cameras so I'm sure we'll have a video up here soon to show the kart's driving capabilities.

I'm very happy with the end result, how well it drives, and that I was actually able to build it myself, with the help of good friends. The idea has been spooking around my head for about a year now, it has taken a lot of brainstorming time, and the actual build has been less than a full-time week.

The kart drives perfectly, just as we hoped for. It has great torque so it speeds up nicely. It's current top speed is about 25kph, as expected. By changing the gear ratios on the transmission we can easily get more speed out of the kart, so that's one of the upcoming todos. We've bumped into some new problems, such as the brakes breaking down on us, and some new creative ideas to pimp the kart, so more action is about to come to the kart.

There's lots of little details that went into finishing the kart, but I'll spend some time explaining these details in later blog posts. For now, it's playtime! W00t!

Hack the planet!!!

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