Monday, July 27, 2009

Rear axle sprocket & initial alignment

I've installed the sprocket on the rear axle, and did some work trying to get it aligned with the sprocket on the motor. Looks good so far, I've installed many bolts on all parts so I can get the remaining wobbles out of the way and the axles and sprockets parallel to each other. Tomorrow, I'll go and get a chain so we can test the alignment and further perfect it.

Tomorrow, I'll join Walle and the remainders of the electric scooter to extract all the cabling and electronics. When that's done we'll have all the parts together for the first time! I guess it'll take another evening's work on getting the electronics installed in preparation for a first test run. We're getting really, really close now.


  1. Super!

    Did some online shopping spree (not buying just looking).

    What we got from scooter:

    Battery charger for around 90$ fast charger for our lead acid batteries :

    An engine on 48v here I find good ones (1.5hp and higher here ) for also around $100:

    The batteries (we have em, apparantly most expensive part :) ). But a lipo battery pack is not much compared to our 320euro pack:

    And finally a controller (I found 500w controllers for less but this seems to be a good price for higher watts ):

    So 280$ for the controller, 100$ for good engine and 100$ for good charger. In essence $480 to get all parts seperately excluding batteries (but with higher power engine and controller).

  2. In other words 350euro for the scooter is not bad. Then again if we had more time I would have gone for the above stuff because its a smaller engine, easier to mount and it would have given us more hp. Oh well as long as we get da job done I guesse ;) Anyway for v2 we might consider this and put the current engine/controller back into an old gasoline scooter. And then we have scooter+kart on electric. Before stepping over to the bigger car with more power/batteries :)