Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sideproject: Motor cover

Dirk brought in the idea to build a protective cover for the engine. The whole motor will be rotating at 450RPM (that's slow for a motor, but fast enough for the putative cutting off of arms and stuff), and is located just right of the driver. Dirk wants to gain some experience points with regards to creating epoxy shapes and building molds to create those shapes, so covering up the dangerous motor is a great test project for learning those techniques.

Here's a picture of the wooden frame that will serve as the base for our protective cover ...

... and here it is, all wired up, ready to become plastered and covered in epoxy, for the final cover:

Do you notice the armrest? It will feature a cup holder, too.


  1. We've made the important decision not to include the cup holder. The cover will not come off from the mold if we would have a cup holder.

  2. A cup holder seems an essential part though...