Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We have all the parts ...

We now have all the parts for finishing the electric kart.

Yesterday, I bought two sets of chains so we can finish the transmission for the kart. I needed to buy two sets as we have a pretty big transmission and we'll need to connect the chains together to bridge the length between the sprockets.

Yesterday evening, together with Walle, we extracted the minimal circuit needed to run the motor from the electric scooter. Below is a low quality picture of the circuit, it shows (from top to bottom) the batteries (still in their boxes but wired up), our main switch, the controller, the throttle, and the motor in its mounting frame. We found some crazy extras in the scooter, like a simple pushbutton that implements a genuine cruise control, but for now we're going minimal.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we'll be finishing the scooter by integrating these electronics on the kart, aligning the sprockets by chaining it up, and hopefully take it out for an initial test drive out on the street.

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