Friday, July 24, 2009

Putting things together

I'm putting things together at a steadier pace than I had hoped for. While working on the kart, browsing through the metal parts store and having lots of visits from friends and neighbors (the kart attracts hordes of testosterone driven organisms), we're imagining all sorts of creative ways to build simple and sturdy parts for the kart. I've taken a few days off from work this week, and I feel I'm spending these days well on trying to do something semi useful.

The following picture shows the construction details of how I have mounted the sprocket to the engine. We found a tightening ring that perfectly fits around our engine's drum brake, I've welded some threaded wires to them, perfectly aligned with the existing holes in the sprocket. We're confident it'll be a strong design, the simple construction is a plus.

Here's the kart with it the motor mounted in its frame, and my two little kart-crazy dudes (Clicky-click for more details):

Today, I'll be welding a rack for mounting the batteries to the kart. We'll have the rear axle sprocket on Monday, so we can perfectly align the sprockets by tuning the placement of the motor in the frame.

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